About us

SoulCraftCandy is about the joy of making things, the passion of doing what you love and the pleasure of seeing it come alive. It is the opposite of doing what you have to, but instead being who you are and living that out by learning to make something, and enjoying both the process and the outcome.

Soulcraftcandy started as a blog about my adventures in drawing and making and I have ended up covering topics from wrestling with creativity and making drawing tools, to building a custom motorcycle and sharing tips and tricks. Somewhere in all that I have rekindled my enthusiasm for drawing through exploring my biggest passion, the world of motorcycles and their intrepid riders.

Most of the drawings on sale here have matured over many months and each have their own story, about the challenges of drawing, being creative and about biking so if you are interested in finding out more, pop over to soulcraftcandy.com and take a look.

This is only the beginning, so more drawings and other things will be added and existing ones replaced as time goes by. So keep checking back regularly, you never know what might be waiting here for you.